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We work hard to ensure communication is good, honest, open and based upon mutual respect and understanding. Outside each classroom there is a white board which the teacher keeps updated with relevant information for the day/week. In addition, please read the PATHs letter for your child's class which is regularly updated on the school website. This gives you details of the curriculum being covered in the coming week and special notices and changes. The school has an open door policy which means that wherever possible, we will meet with you informally and discuss minor concerns the same day. We’d ask you to understand that teachers should not be approached whilst a class is in session.

PATHS – Parents and Teachers Home support.

At AAESS we feel homework is important and sets good working habits. We want to make sure it is valuable, flexible, creative and fun. Our homework tasks are directly linked to the needs of the children and build on previous knowledge.
We use various homework strategies; for example parental support and guidance, joint family learning tasks and independent learning. Homework will not always take the form of recorded work.
In Key Stage 1, we will outline what has been happening in class and then give suggestions for practical activities rather than recorded. We will draw on the internet to give further learning opportunities.
Suggested homework times (4 times a week) -
Reception – 10 minutes per night reading
Year 1 – 10 minutes reading per night and 10 minutes other
Year 2 – 10 minutes reading per night and 15 minutes other
In Key Stage 2, we will outline what has been happening in class, share examples of practical activities, draw on the internet to give further learning opportunities and support this learning with recorded work where we feel it is appropriate. We aim to give a varied homework diet with a strong mix of simple oral activities, investigative work and scaffolded recorded tasks.

Paths Homework to download

In case you were unable to attend, click here for the Guide To Numeracy At Home Booklet.




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